Things I've done with Mac OS X

Key Bindings [updated 2002-07-08]
Key Bindings is a cool feature of the Cocoa Frameworks that is, unfortunately, not very well documented. I've thrown together a few pointers to help you start using this neat capability.

The Mandelbrot Set
I just love the Mandelbrot Set. My "learn Cocoa" application has been this Mandelbrot Set viewer. If you're interested, here's the source code. (Apologies for calling the project "CustomView"). [updated 2001-08-07]

MTCoreAudio.framework 1.3.2 [updated 2007-11-04]
Apple's CoreAudio library gives you a lot of flexibility and power for querying and manipulating the audio hardware attached to your computer. However, it's easy to get lost in the sticky details of the C API. I've written a Cocoa-flavored Objective-C wrapper around CoreAudio, with the idea that all the tedium is taken care of for you, so you can concentrate on the actual doing-stuff part of your application. The framework exposes most of CoreAudio's functionality to you in a nice, object-oriented fashion while still giving you the flexibility to do anything the hard way if you want/need to.

Download MTCoreAudio.framework, its source code, and two example programs with source (a simple, command-line program, and a more sophisticated, graphical Cocoa application) as either a disk image or a compressed tar file.

Networked Home Directories
Find the secret NetInfo incantations necessary to have a networked home directory without using Mac OS X Server.

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