AudioBufferList Utility Functions

These functions make working with AudioBufferLists easier.

Function Types

Function Reference

MTAudioBufferListChannelCount ( )

unsigned MTAudioBufferListChannelCount ( const AudioBufferList * buf )

Returns the sum of the number of channels in each buffer/stream in buf.

MTAudioBufferListClear ( )

unsigned MTAudioBufferListClear ( AudioBufferList * aList, unsigned offset, unsigned count )

Sets audio frames in theList, starting at offset frames from the beginning, to silence. The number of frames cleared is the smallest of: Returns the number of frames cleared.

MTAudioBufferListCopy ( )

unsigned MTAudioBufferListCopy ( const AudioBufferList * src, unsigned srcOffset, AudioBufferList * dst, unsigned dstOffset, unsigned count )

Copies audio frames from src, starting at srcOffset frames from the beginning, to dst, starting at dstOffset frames from the beginning. The number frames copied is the smallest of: If src has more channels than dst, then the excess channels of src are discarded. If src has fewer channels than dst, then the excess channels of dst are filled with silence.

This function can work with source and destination AudioBufferLists having different numbers of streams and different numbers of channels per stream. However, it is most efficient when all of the corresponding streams in src and dst have the same number of channels.

Returns the number of frames copied.

MTAudioBufferListDispose ( )

void MTAudioBufferListDispose ( AudioBufferList * aList )

Frees all of the resources of AudioBufferList aList.

MTAudioBufferListFrameCount ( )

unsigned MTAudioBufferListFrameCount ( const AudioBufferList * buf )

Returns the number of audio frames that buf can hold.

MTAudioBufferListNew ( )

AudioBufferList * MTAudioBufferListNew ( unsigned channels, unsigned frames, Boolean interleaved )

Returns a new AudioBufferList large enough to hold frames frames of channels-channel Float32 audio samples. If interleaved is YES, then the AudioBufferList will have one AudioBuffer with channels interleaved channels. If interleaved is NO, then the AudioBufferList will have channels AudioBuffers each one channel wide.

MTAudioBufferListSetFrameCount ( )

void MTAudioBufferListSetFrameCount ( AudioBufferList * buf, count )

Changes the mDataByteSize field in each of buf's AudioBuffers to indicate that the buffer can hold count frames of audio. IMPORTANT: This function does not ensure that each AudioBuffer's mData points to a buffer large enough to hold count frames. This function is intended mainly to reset mDataByteSize after functions like AudioConverterFillComplexBuffer() change it.

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